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  1. Mary Rollins

    Houstonian Mary Rollins, knows all too well the importance of awareness and testing. As a colon cancer survivor, it was her sister’s diagnosis that urged Mary to get tested.
    “I had had a nerve moved on the right side of my face in the Spring of 2013, a rather common operation on women over 80 years of age.
    While recovering I heard from my only sister, Elma, that she was diagnosed with cancer of the colon. By the time she was diagnosed the cancer had advanced to a stage the physicians considered inoperable.
    Fully aware of the possibility that I might have cancer of the colon I contacted my internist who promptly referred me to Dr. Hughes of the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic were my husband, Tom, and I have been going for more years than I can count.
    Dr. Hughes told me that I should have surgery immediately as there were 5 tumors in my colon. So, I had surgery
    within days, the tumors removed with a prognosis of ‘no cancer in the colon’.
    We’ve two brothers whom I told to get ‘checked’. Both thought I should have my head examined because I told them the possibility of their having cancer of the colon were pretty high.
    So life goes on”……Mary Michieli Rollins, Houston, Tx.

    1. Kelly Gale Amen

      Mary, Your words and spirit are an inspiration to all……………and, as we move forward: lets support all cancer awareness. your friend. Kelly Gale Amen

  2. Leonidas Christian Mixon

    – Caught with my pants down for ” Cancer Below The Belt” In memory of my late wife Linda Mixon, who died of metastatic cancer in 2012.

  3. Merale Thomson

    I am the daughter of Sheral Lasher who passed away on September 9, 2012. She was an amazing person, but unfortunately she was taken early by Ovarian Cancer. I fully support this cause and its purpose. Good luck in your mission to achieve your goals.

    1. Kelly Gale Amen

      Each embrace of and from our viewership is very important. Lets keep making our awareness campaign moving forward. Thank you for your support! Cancerbelowthebelt.com

  4. Lynne Thurman

    I’m very excited about this project as it is near and dear to my heart. Maybe if I had known more, I wouldn’t be in the spot I’m in today.

  5. Sylvia Sullivan

    Kelly, so good to hear from you. As you know for 8 years John has had cancer below the belt and is now taking the most powerful drug available for prostate cancer, Xtandi. He is lucky that he can tolerate the drug and it has not been easy. Many men are unable to survive the side effects. After 18 months his PSA is now starting to rise again, but at a pace the doctors are still feeling can be watched closely.
    In addition, John has now had Parkinson’s Disease for about 3 years and with both these major problems he has become pretty fragile and we are pretty much at home people these days. John is still driving and going to an office daily. He wants to keep his independence as long as possible and I think that helps keep him going.
    Kelly, I have copied three of my dear friends and I hope they will attend. Maybe John will e-mail some of his friends as several do have long time diagnosis.
    I still love the name and you should be getting lots of publicity for both sexes. We will send a check of support and if some miracle he is up to it we will try to come by. Much love and kisses. We miss seeing you and everyone loved what you helped us with in our house during the move!!!!

  6. Amy Kaps

    An easy and saucy way to help a good cause.
    Remember, boys and girls, screening and awareness can save your life. And you will sleep easier too! xoa

    Performance. Photography. Film.

  7. Becky Duke

    Thank you for hosting such a marvelous event Kelly! Awareness is key and social media is so very powerful in this day and age. My best friend posted our pictures of this event on her Facebook page and received the following message from her mom’s friend in Pennsylvania: “Saw the pictures from the fundraiser for “Cancer Below the Belt” you attended the other night. What. a great way to spread awareness. I’ve had a sister and a dear friend who had ovarian cancer and happily are now cancer free. Until it affected them I had never heard very much about it. I was diagnosed in Dec with colon cancer and honestly I don’t remember hearing anything about that until now. I thought it was only PKD that hid in the shadows. There are too many important things we don’t talk about that we really should. We need to find a way to remove that fear of embarassment. This sure sounds like a great way to at least start.” This just goes to show, you never know how one Facebook post could affect someone’s life and CANCER touches everyone’s life in some way, shape or form. Please share and let’s keep awareness front and center!

  8. Carol Alvarado

    Congrats on your creativity on the fight against cancer and originating Cancer Below the Belt. Very impressive.
    Carol Alvarado
    Texas State Representative | District 154

  9. Susan Wishlinski

    I had such a great time at your event and enjoyed seeing long time friends and colleagues. What amazed me most was how much I did not know about the importance of early detection. I have already scheduled a visit with my doctor. Thanks for an outrageously spectacular time and I can’t wait for the next Cancer Below The Belt event!

  10. Rex Daniel

    The famous adage “sometimes things go wrong so that we may know the difference when things go right” has been my guiding principle since the diagnosis of cancer. Upon receiving the debilitating news, I was shocked, scared, and hurt. I was not prepared to hear the news that death could potentially overcome me at such a young age of 23. However, life is full of irony as they say. Upon reflection, my fear eventually turned into strength, my resentment and denial turned into acceptance, and most importantly, my melancholy turned into joy and celebration of life. I traveled the world as if there is no tomorrow. In the span of five years, I ventured to 68 countries, visited hundreds of cities, met thousands of friends, created infinite memories, and most importantly learned countless, priceless lessons about life. If you were to ask me five years ago if I was grateful that I had cancer, my answer will definitely be no; however, today, I would not be the strong person I am, if it were not for cancer, and I praise God for healing me and giving me the strength not only to overcome it, but to see the difference if I did not have it otherwise!

  11. Maryann Ingersoll

    A very needed educational offering to aid people’s awareness of cancers below the belt and to get check ups and encourage others to do the same! Thank you!

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